Useless Engineering Hacks: Beat your friends in typing race on TypeRacer using Python

Do you suck at speed typing just like me? Well, you don’t anymore because you know how to use Python. Don’t know Python? Well, you do now because Python is not something to learn. It’s something to be copied off from the documentations on the internet

Here’s a chance to beat all your friends on a typing race (Typeracer, for example) using Python in a few simple steps.

Step 1

Follow the installation instructions for Python and download my code from GitHub HERE

Step 2

Once Everything is set up, have your program ready to run on one side and typeracer website on the other end. (See video)

Then take a screenshot of the text and save it in the directory where your script exists. (I’m using the name ‘asd.png’ in the code so you can name your file that, or if you name it something else, don’t forget to change it in the code also.)

Step 3

Run the script and place your cursor on the text bar on the website. You will have 2 seconds until the program starts typing for you!

That’s it! You are a typing ninja now! Have fun!
Leave any questions in the comments πŸ˜‰

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